What is This?


Welcome to my newsletter. Let me give you a quick run-down of what my goal is for this project.

If you don’t know me, my name is Kasey Price. I’m currently a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and majoring in English and Comparative Literature.


Scary. The thought of leaving college is equally terrifying and riveting. Where to go? What to do? I’m sure many of you have the same trials and tribulations coursing through your underdeveloped brains. When I imagine showing up to work in the real world, there comes a point in time where my pantsuit and loafers become five sizes too large, and I’m suddenly a kid again. The thought of having it all figured out when I can barely wake up before noon is slightly terrifying.

This is a project to show the progression of my final year in college and the emotions that come with it. Change evokes a carnal response in humans, I think. There’s a factor of fear involved. Suddenly you’re desperately clawing into a piece of flesh that’s already begun to shed. There’s a certain softness that comes when change is near. When it happens in an environment like college, you notice that everyone is scared for the future, no matter how much they have it all planned out.

I rarely share my writing, so this is a soft spot for me. This is kind of a why not situation for me — why not share my vulnerabilities during a time where they may be at their highest? It needs to be done more. The moments are beautiful but easy to forget.

I will be uploading monthly newsletters documenting my writing for that month, whether it be pages or sentences. It may be personal, or it may be completely made up. I want to be able to look back on the flicker moments — the ones that rarely evade the subconscious. The ones that matter but aren’t as easy to remember, because they may be as simple as the timing a song has in relation to your life, or the way the moon looks on that one specific night. Maybe something as shaking as realizing your little sister looks so much older than she did five years ago or something as small as, Wow, I really need to get my nails done. I believe this is what makes writing great. The in-betweens make the narrative feel real.

I hope you follow along. Welcome to Letter to My Friends!

All love,


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